Privacy policy

Reasons for processing

If you are our customer, recipient of news, or our web visitor, you are providing your personal data. We are responsible for the data safety and protection.  Please the read the conditions for personal data protection, principles, and rights in relation to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).


Authorised data administrator is Vladimír Komínek, Vrchlického 873, 43511 Lom, ID: 64680088 and he operates this web: + I process your personal data as the administrator, i.e. I define personal data to be processed and the purpose of processing, the period of processing, and I select potential further processors to help me with the process.

Contact data

If you want to contact us during processing, please use e-mail: +

I process personal data which you provide due to the reasons below (to fulfil the purposes):

  • Provision of services
    Your personal data within scope: First name, surname, email, telephone number and address are required for the creation of your first order.
  • marketing – sending newsletters
    Your personal data (e-mail and name) is used for direct marketing – sending information emails with newsletter. Your data is saved for the period of 5 years from the last order or from the provision of the service. If you are not our customer, I am attaching newsletters based on your consent for the period of 5 years from the reception. In both cases you can withdraw the consent by email with stated disapproval to +

I will keep your personal data for the period of limitation unless stated otherwise by the law, or stated otherwise in the specific cases.

I protect personal data within the maximum possible level by means of modern technologies which comply with the level of technical development.  We have accepted and maintained all possible (currently known) technical and organisation measures, which prevent the misuse, damage, and destruction of your personal data, particularly: Data storage in encoded form, data backup in more storages, handover of personal data to third persons

Data transfer outside European Union

I process data solely within European Union or in countries which ensure adequate level of safety based on the decision of European Committee.

Your rights related to personal data protection

Many rights apply to personal data protection. If you want to use some of the rights, please contact me via e-mail: +

You have right to information, which is already fulfilled by the information site with the principles for personal data processing.

Due to right to access you can contact me any time and I will define all processed data including the purposes within 5 days.

If any circumstances change on your part or your personal data is not updated, you have a right to complete and change your personal data.

Right to restricted processing can be applied if you assume I process your incorrect data, you assume I process your data illegally, but you do not intend to delete all data or you raised a complaint against processing. You can restrict the scope of personal data or the purpose of processing.  (e.g. logout from newsletter restricts the purpose of processing for sending commercial statements).

Right to data portability

If you want to collect your personal data and transfer it to other persons, we will proceed identically to the application of the access rights – with the only difference, the information is sent in readable form.   I need at least 5 days.

Right for deleting

Your further right is the right for deleting. We do not want to forget you, however if you want to, it is your right. In such case we will delete all your personal data from our system and from the system of all partial processors and backups.  The provision of the right for deleting requires 5 working days.
In some cases we are legally bound and e.g. have to register the issued tax records for the legally defined period.  In such case we will delete all such personal data not bound by other laws.  We will inform you on the deleting via e-mail.

Complaint at the Office for personal data protection

If you feel we do not handle your data in compliance with law, you have a right to file the complaint at the Office for personal data protection. I would appreciate if you inform me first to resolve the situation and potentially remedy of the failure.

Logout from newsletter sending and business statements

E-mails with newsletters, articles, invitations to exhibitions or seminars/lectures or services will be sent if you are our customer based on our entitled interest. If you are not our customer, it will be sent solely based on your approval.  In both cases, you can terminate the reception of my emails by requesting the termination of the information emails.


We ensure that all employees of our company who process your personal data will be obliged to maintain confidentiality about personal details and safety measures and on the safety measures, the publicizing of which would endanger the protection of personal data.  This confidentiality shall last even after the termination of binding relations with me. Your personal data will not be delivered to any third party without your consent.

The principles of personal data processing apply from 1.5.2019