Conditions of transportation

  • The animal must be healthy, in 100% physical and psychological condition.
  • The animal must not be directly before or after giving birth.
  • The animal must not be younger than 5 weeks or before reaching optimum weight.
  • The terrarium animals must be transported in enclosed plastic box or cloth bag placed in thermal box.
  • During the transport of aquarium fish the sender is obliged to place a heating bag in the thermal box to maintain adequate temperature and provide sufficient supply of oxygen for the whole duration of the transport.
  • All animal species, from rodents to birds, dogs, felids must be transported solely in designated crates/boxes – plastic, wooden, or metal.
  • The animal must have valid EU passport, including the microchips.
  • The animal must be immunised against rabies.
  • The animal must be wormed against Echinacoccus.
  • The animal must pass a medical examination before the transport.
  • The animal must have an issued document TRACES required for every commercial transport.
  • All above points are defined and explained in document „Transport in EU“, which will be sent automatically in the attachment of the first e-mail.
  • The above conditions can differ depending on the type of transported animal, e.g. the transport conditions differ for a dog or terrarium animals. Always ask for information on the conditions for the defined species.
  • If any of the above points is not fulfilled or if the sender or recipient keep some matters secret, potential complaints will not be considered, e.g. costs related to the solving of a specific situation will be accounted to them.